The job of a dental technician combines tasks from the most diverse occupations: the foundry specialist, the galvanizer, the machinist, the welder, the locksmith, the ceramist, the precision mechanic, the goldsmith and the computer-aided construction and manufacturing technician.


But it is only the artist in us that enables us to put these skills to use for the individual diversity that nature provides. We face this challenge everyday and bear a great responsibility for the well being, health and appearance of the people we are working for.
We therefore feel we have the right to say that our daily tasks are unique and can hardly be compared to any other occupation.




Like our job, the tools we use for this are also something special.
Our tools accompany us on long journeys throughout our career and cherished instruments are often customized with much ingenuity and creativity, until they finally have the perfect feeling to suit our requirements.


This is even more difficult for one of our main instruments, the porcelain brush.
This should not only be ergonomically perfect, but also last for as long as possible and maintain all the desired functions sustainably. For this reason, we have always dedicated a large part of our attention to the brush strain concept during the work process.


With the functional principle lay:art we have been able to significantly improve the function and durability of a porcelain brush. I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincerest thanks for the large amount of positive feedback we have received.


I would also like to particularly mention your suggestions, such as the protection of the porcelain brush during breaks in work.
An issue that I had underestimated in relation to durability. Bent hairs when putting the protective cover on, during open storage in the drawer or on the table have in part put a greater burden on the brush than the work itself.With the knowledge of how expensive these hairs are, I found this alarming at times. However, I cannot reproach anybody. The daily work stress and the lack of an available practical solution inevitably leads to this approach.


Protective function

Protective function


Therefore the solution was obvious: turn a good idea into an ingenious product and thereby combine the perfect functional concept of lay:art with a new protective mechanism. For our new Genius the protective function is inseparably connected to the brush. An easy-to-handle rotation mechanism makes the brush head disappear inside the handle. Even the bending of protruding hair is eliminated. Protection is a matter of course for safe transport or during short breaks in work. This is a successful example of truly “making work easy”. A high-tech brush with a sustainable protective function.



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Cim Özyurt is dental technician and Product Manager at Renfert GmbH. Part of his field of work is the product range brushes & mixing trays where he is ...

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