I always believed that Renfert had alreday reached the highest standard in the production of porcelain brushes. I now must confess that I was wrong!

The new GENIUS brush completely surprised me! I never would have thought that such a new Level could be reached.

• The high Quality natural hair allows the porcelain to be layered with great precision.


• The grip is robust and comfortable, easy to hold and doesn’t slip.

• I always try to look after my brushes, but despite careful handling the tip can always get damaged, especially when trying to protect the tip after use.

• Lets be honest, trying to force the tip into a small plastic tube often does more damage than good. Now I can simply twist the brush and the tip disapperas into the grip without the risk of damaging any hairs. Whenever I need the brush ist just  like new!

• And these Features are not the only improvements! This brush has an interchangeable tip. I now use my brush like a pen, I can swap the refill and keep the corpus.

Fantasticly practicle!

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Giuseppe Doti is an Italian dental technician from Matera. Since many years, he cooperates closely with Renfert. Giuseppe is also member of the Renfert expert ...

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