making work easy – do the words in the headline sound familiar? As you probably knew right away, Renfert has chosen this claim or slogan as its guiding principle when developing and offering its products. But making work easy could also be the motto you follow when choosing materials, devices or systems, either directly from the dental industry or from the dental trade. So you can complete your dentistry work in an easier, simpler – and maybe even faster – cost-optimized fashion.


Many of the countless offerings from the dental industry are advertised in promising terms and may even seem easy at first glance. When actually in use at the lab, however, many do not live up to their promise, and most make your daily work no easier or simpler. Some primary products also call for additional products during application or processing, which makes them more expensive and swells the existing range of (auxiliary) materials already used at the dental lab. When you have finished reading this Flashlight, why not check how many of the products you use actually help you by making work easy. You may want to get rid of materials, devices and systems that are complicated to use – and you may have been wanting to do so for a long time. Or you may be looking for current alternatives to materials you have been using for many years. The concept of making work easy may even motivate you to examine trends that you have previously rejected – such as collaborating with your peers, something you can do via the DentalTheke (, for example.

Area Sales Manager Rashed Mattit talking with Renfert customers.

Area Sales Manager Rashed Mattit talking with Renfert customers.

One thing is certain: suitable offers are available for the areas of your work that you would like to simplify. These could be new wax lines, wax dipping devices, electric wax knives or ergonomically designed manual tools. They make material-specific modeling more efficient and the work less tiring.

But making work easy is also possible by optimizing CAM device utilization during the main task of frame production –with materials that can be processed quickly and with less tool wear. It also includes outsourcing all other CAD-designed basic work that is more complex to produce; you can order such items as “semi-finished parts” to be completed – and take advantage of your preferred provider’s know-how.

Another, very personal way of making work easy is to use multiple-use frame and veneering (pressed) ceramics. Lithium disilicate and lithium silicate reinforced with zirconium dioxide, for example, can achieve brilliant results in veneers and crowns without any major layering work, as has been demonstrated in many presentations and specialist reports. “Multi-layer” zirconium dioxide can also be used for aesthetically convincing monolithic stained or veneer ceramic layered small or large-scale bridgework restoration.

Making work easy makes sense at all levels of dental technology. Limiting yourself to a few materials and procedures can make every day work at the dental lab more routine; as a result, high-quality results are easier to reproduce. It also makes ordering and storage easier and reduces set-up times (= costs). Use these last few months of the year to examine your daily lab work with reference to this Renfert motto – so you can reorganize and improve your (digital) workflows in early 2018. And make the motto of making work easy your own when it comes to choosing and using current and future dental materials as well as (digital) lab devices and systems.

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