How time flies: two years ago, I experienced my first IDS as a Marketing Manager at Renfert. At that time, I had only been with Renfert for half a year and the impressions gained at the fair were a great help in becoming familiar with the dental world.

Today I would still not describe myself as an old hand in the dental business  and I still discover new things about this wide-ranging sector. But this time I knew what one week of the “Internationale Dental Schau” in Cologne means.
While I was mainly responsible for the digital media at the fair in 2015, I had the opportunity to get involved in all aspects of the tradeshow organization this time round at the IDS 2017. Together with Heike Möllenberg (Head of Marketing at Renfert) we started organizing the IDS back in 2016. It is impressive to see what runs in the background of a company’s presence at a tradeshow and it is really awesome when (nearly) everything which was planned runs smoothly, just as you planned it.

making work easy

Our theme for IDS 2017 was “making work easy”. For the very first time, we could brand our booth entirely in line with our new corporate design. After thinking, planning and organizing for such a long time, it was really satisfying to see how the tradeshow booth was erected and the Renfert products found their places in the various product areas one after another. It is still stunning for me, how complex our Renfert world is.

Thanks to our new products the tradeshow started with a bang from day one! Above all our two new dental extraction units SILENT EC2 and SILENT powerCAM EC made a very good impression, in addition our innovation, the EASYview 3D microscope, which was presented at IDS for the first time succeeded in turning many heads. The biggest reward was the sparkling eyes of the numerous visitors, who we welcomed at our booth.

Like a big family

Of course, IDS is not the only event to experience as a Marketing Manager at Renfert. Besides the yearly Fachdental tradeshows in Frankfurt, Leipzig or Munich, there are many other opportunities to get to know the dental sector and the people working within it. It was great to see all the familiar faces again at IDS: August Bruguera, with whom we developed the GEO Expert waxes in the last two years, employees of other dental companies and competitors, dental technicians and dentists. And of course sales representatives, who plan and implement great activities with us every year and who join us every IDS for our two Dealer’s Night events to review the last year, celebrate and to make new contacts. What inspired me the most was the friendly and fair interaction: just like a big family.

Momentum for the next two years

The impressions, images and emotions of the IDS shape and motivate. I am happy, that the successful IDS 2017 helped us to gain great momentum for our next projects: marketing campaigns for new products, online projects and tradeshows. And of course I am already looking forward to the next IDS and to a further five exciting days in Cologne. See you (at the latest) in March 2019.

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