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Surely you have noticed that Renfert’s look and feel has transformed since the beginning of the year.
The most noticeable change is our new claim “making work easy” which is not just a flowery phrase but a promise to our customers, dental technicians and dentists. We do as we say and actually we have been “making work easy” for more than 90 years, which becomes apparent in different ways.

Our Products
Providing easy-to-use, high-quality, durable products – is central to the way of doing things at Renfert. The key to development and manufacturing of requirement-oriented products, however, is to know, understand and continually re-develop the daily routine of dentistry. We are supported in this aim by the lively exchange with our many users, who are centrally involved in the daily practice routine, who know how a lab operates most effectively and what dental technicians require. Through this close cooperation we regularly manage to develop small product features and characteristics that make their daily work easier. This can be a tool integrated within the product that enables the dental technician to service the product quickly and thereby minimize down times, it could also be the lighting in the blasting chambers of our sandblasting units or the easy motor change on our SILENT TS and TS2 extraction units (this feature has been patented by Renfert). In order to make it clear which product features “make work easy” we have marked each product with icons so that the user can identify them quickly and easily:


Communication tools
Of course we know everything about our products and like to talk about how our extraction units or vacuum mixers work. But inevitably it can still occur that something doesn’t work as intuitively as expected. In order to help you start with the use of your new Renfert product smoothly and easily and to avoid wasting time with service actions like changing a motor or filter, we have developed How-to-Videos that you can find on our YouTube channel or on our website. Of course you can also find all repair and instruction manuals, as well spare parts online.

making work easy note board

making work easy note board

We live making work easy
For us it is important not just to apply „making work easy“ to our products, but also to our internal processes such as production, product development or even to how we sell our products. Here we also try to make every step a little easier and a little more efficient.
What we described as lean processes a year ago (link to interview), can be described even better with the term “making work easy”. In order to visualize our brand promise at Renfert we document all “making work easy” projects at Renfert at pin them on specially designed “making work easy” walls throughout the Renfert Headquarters in Hilzingen. New projects are presented to the whole company in order to inspire others, because a promise only comes alive when it is lived from within.
Our making work easy walls can be found in various places throughout our headquarters.

The new making work easy installation in our entrance area

The new making work easy installation in our entrance area

And now its your turn! If you have ideas on how to „make work easy“ in your lab or when using Renfert products we would love to hear about it – let us know in the comments.

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