Increase your Google visibility with Google My Business

How do we act, when we are looking for a good hairdresser or a new restaurant? In most cases, we will ask friends or family for their opinion or we use the help of Google & Co. But how does Google know, that my Restaurant or my Dental Lab even exists?

In our new service section “Onlinemarketing for Dental Technicians”, we want to provide you with the right tools, to increase the visibility of your lab and your Services on the Internet. Internet advertising does not have to be expensive, and it can be very valuable to generate new customers and to keep your existing customers loyal.

In the first chapter we present a step-by-step guide on how you can setup a Google My Business profile, that allows you to offer your customers more and better information about your company on Google.

Step 1: Registration on Google My Business

Navigate to where you have to login. In case you don’t have a Google account yet, you will be asked to register first.


Step 2: Add your company with Google My Business

After a successful login, you will see a Google Map and a search box, where you can fill in your company name and your address.

If your company is already listed on Google, you should see an entry with your correct company address. Simply click on the entry and continue. In the following window, you have to confirm that you are the owner of the company. You do this with a confirmation code, which you can receive via telephone or postcard, sent to you by Google.

If you can’t find your company, click on “This doesn’t match” and fill in your correct company name and address. In the next step you have the possibility to request your confirmation code via postcard.

Your company is not shown?

Your company is not shown?

Step 3: Manage your company information

Manage Location

Manage Location

Once you have received your code via telephone or postcard and successfully confirmed your company ownership, you can manage your company data and information on Just click on “Manage Location”.

First of all we suggest you upload your company logo.

Insert your logo and edit your company information

Insert your logo and edit your company information

By clicking the “Edit”-Button, you can change the basic information of your company like the address, opening hours and your Website URL.
Of course you can also add some photos of your lab and your work to give potential customers a better insight. Simply click on “Manage photos” to add the photos.

In the next part of the Series “Online marketing for Dental Technicians”, we will show you how to easily create or recreate your own website using free OpenSource webservices.

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