#RenfertFan: Sandblaster – from old to new

In Autumn 2015, we hosted the #RenfertFan photo competition on Facebook. The task was: “Show us your favorite Renfert product.“
All participants had the chance to win 3 new Calipretto CR calipers and a journey to our home base in Hilzingen. We received many great submissions from Renfert fans all over the world.

You can find the best submissions in our Facebook gallery

One submission has convinced us most and we think the first prize is well deserved! The dental technician Florence Chmura from Paris has sent us a photo coverage of her construction of a sandblaster. The basis for the home-made and fully functional sandblaster was our Basic Mobil sandblaster. Paying loving attention to every detail, Florence Chmura built a stylish “new” sandblaster out of the casing of a over 60 years old sandblaster and the compact Renfert Basic Mobil.

Florence Chmura stripped the old casing and revarnished ist. Even the connections for an extraction unit and a modern LED lighting are part of the hand-made sandblaster.


Because of its small dimensions and the easy yet efficient technology, Florence describes the Renfert Basic Mobil sandblaster as an ideally qualified device for her construction. We are looking forward to the visit of Florence in Hilzingen, because our constructors and product managers always have a friendly ear for clever and creative ideas.

If you als have nice pictures from you work, we look forward to receive your submissions on Facebook or Twitter!

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