This year Renfert’s apprentice outing was to the town of Überlingen on Lake Constance. In order to get to know the town properly a town rally was planned. On arrival in Überlingen we were welcomed by Ms. Boger, who works for an event agency on the lake of Constance. She explained the rules, the goals of the rally (to win!) and spilt the 19 Renfert apprentices into 3 teams.


Obtaining precious insider information

Each team set off to explore the town, armed with a folder and a camera. The folder contained the challenges that led us through the whole town. Only by keeping a cool head, our eyes open and using locals for insider information were we able to solve all of the challenges that were set. The goal was to gather information, take photos as proof, collect various objects and solve brain teasers. The biggest challenge was to find a real cat and take a photo with her! This doesn’t sound too difficult, but in Überlingen there are really not many cats and only one group was able to complete this challenge. Other challenges offered us an insight into the history of Überlingen. For example we now know that the high altar in the cathedral of Überlingen was built as early as 1613. The group work led to a great team spirit and the new apprentices were fully integrated into the different teams. As with any competition, there can only be one winner and at the end of the competition the winning team was announced and all members received a handmade mug. After running around the town all day we enjoyed tasty food in a local restaurant. It was a successful day that gave all of us in Renfert’s apprenticeship program the chance to get to know each other.


This is how champions look like

Why did you choose to work for Renfert?
Of course the quality of the apprenticeship is a deciding factor for choosing Renfert, not all companies live the principle “work with professionals – learn from professionals”. But that is not everything, the friendly working environment and outside work activities like open days for employees, Christmas party, apprentice outings and other social events make Renfert an attractive company with which to enter working life.

Why is Renfert so interested in employing young people and offering apprenticeships?

Renfert, like many companies around the globe, is aware of a skills shortage due to demographic change and is countering this development by investing in young talents in various business units. Currently 21 apprentices are employed for 8 different business areas, which leads to an apprenticeship quota of more than 10%. In addition Renfert develops young people according to real business requirements, this means that the chance of being hired after the apprenticeship is high.






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Alicia Cataldo ist the first Renfert trainee in the field of media design. Since 2015 she works in the Marketing department, where she helps the marketing team ...

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