Within the past 25 years dentistry has evolved at a rapid pace. New, innovative techniques and products make an unprecedented number of aesthetic restorations available for consumers. The raw materials used are in the focus of developers, as the drive for improvement starts here with the goal of combining the physiochemical properties with the desired aesthetics. Since the late seventies renowned dental technician colleagues have developed state-of-the-art process technologies together with the dental industry, in order to reduce the amount of metal in custom-made restorations.

After giving the context the appropriate recognition, lets concentrate on the the main topic of this post, the Calipretto CR – a precision measuring instrument with modified zirconia tips made from ATZ (Alumina Toughened Zirconia), that I developed together with Renfert.


The product finds a solution for a well known dental technician challenge: Typically we are confronted with irritating black metallic marks on the in and outside of ceramic restorations left by the tips of measuring instruments when gauging the wall thickness of crowns and ceramic surfaces. These dark marks need to to be removed mechanically using a diamond abrasive and/or through sandblasting at 0,5/1 bar. Not only does this take up valuable time, it is not good for the new restoration and even risks irreversible damage.


And here is the idea for the solution to this problem: Why not simply modifly the tips that cause the marking? Based on this idea the new Calipretto CR with modified Zirconia tips was developed. The instrument has a modern look and micro tips made of Ø 0,8 mm ATZ-Balls, which have a much higher flexural strength than conventional zirconium dioxide. With this novel measuring instrument even critical openings can be accessed without affecting any technical processes.

This clever instrument for daily use succeeds in „making work easier”, and the irritating black marks on the surfaces of ceramic restorations are a thing of the past.


Further Information on Calipretto CR


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Attilio Sommella is a dental technician from Naples, Italy specialized in the aesthetics of fixed prosthetics. He has held various presentations as a lecturer ...

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