Today we would like to pilot a possible new series of dental “Know-How” videos. This is the first Renfert-Vlog, a video blog.

As always, our goal is to help make your work as easy as possible. We think that short videos, briefly explaining the various dental technician work processes can be very helpful. In this episode we start at the beginning with model fabrication and specifically pouring an impression. We look forward to your comments and questions.

The following steps are described in the video about model creation:

  1. Measuring the ingredients for the dental stone
  2. Mixing a homogeneous, bubble-free mixture
  3. Pouring teeth and model base plate in dental stone
  4. Cleaning the mixing bowl and paddle
  5. Attaching the impression on the prepared model base
  6. Trimming the dental arch

The following Renfert products for model creation are used in the video:

The video was realized with the support of Dental Master Technician Jost Prestin. You can fin further information on his lab here:


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Jost P. Prestin did his apprenticeship 1999 - 2003 at Flemming Dental GmbH Waren in Müritz, where he then led the departments model production and ...

3 thoughts on “Model fabrication: From the pouring and mixing process to the finished model

  1. Buen trabajo felicitaciones el equipo excelente me gustaría que me prorcione datos sobre preparación de modelos para troqueles gracias.

  2. Excelente trabajo me gustaría me envíe datos sobre troquelado de modelos gracias.

    1. Hello Alejandro,

      Thank you for your feedback. We will make additional videos and instructions to post them on Facebook!

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