My name is Christof Elben, I joined the Renfert Marketing Team in August 2014. Together with my colleague Carsten Fenner, I am responsible for the digital marketing at Renfert. The IDS 2015 was my first IDS and was a very special experience for me.
Of course I could simply write about record sales, exciting new products and interesting visitors, but the “Internationale Dental-Schau 2015” in Cologne was so much more.

From first plans to the final realization – the Renfert booth was a gem

We integrated Renfert’s newly developed Corporate Design into all communication channels – our new website that was launched last year, our print media and of course our new exhibition booth.  Together with Zeroseven Designstudios from Ulm, we developed a completely new exhibition booth for the IDS in Cologne with clear design elements, well-structured product islands and a very generous dealer area. Based on the responses of our dealers and customers, the booth was a complete success.

Many pieces make the big picture

Let’s be honest: how often have you complained about your uncomfortable shoes or  craved for a moment of silence when visiting a tradeshow? Did you get a chance to try out the “SILENT Experience” at our booth? Besides having the chance to indulge in a multi-media moment of peace and tranquility, our visitors enjoyed simply being able to sit back in our SILENT chair for a small break and used the time to catch-up on interesting information on Renfert’s new products including the two most recent SILENT extraction family members.
And don’t forget the experts and demonstrators at the Renfert booth. Three times a day we had different experts demonstrating what they do best at our booth, from wax-ups to ceramic build-up techniques and many more cases of excellent dental work.
There was so much happening at the booth that it’s quite easy to forget something. But a highlight for our visitors was the Renfert Mini-Lab. Here it was possible to test the various Renfert products including the new Dynex separating discs, varnishes and polishes and of course various pieces of Renfert equipment.
Of course, even the best exhibition booth is only as good as the team behind it. The Renfert team was extremely motivated and showed great spirit during the 5 days in Cologne which I’m sure came across to those who visited our booth.

90 years young!

The effect of our Social Media channels exceeded all of our expectations. It was apparent for everyone: Facebook & Co. was key part of our appearance at IDS 2015. Throughout our booth we offered the opportunity to Keep our staff and guests informed about our digital activities via monitors. Posts from visitors, as well as our own social media posts were shared automatically on our social media wall, a type of digital pin board. This helped create an exciting and modern image of the Renfert world – now 90 years old but just as vibrant as it was on the very first day. My personal highlight was the big touchscreen display located in our dealer lounge. This interactive monitor gave us the opportunity to show our latest publications, videos, as well as our online channels.

An unforgettable experience.

Finally I just want to say thank you. For me, an IDS rookie, it was my first exhibition and right from the start, I enjoyed every minute of it – the atmosphere, listening to the qualified discussions with interested customers, the demonstrations and of course the proud faces of the Renfert employees.  I am happy to have been a part of Renfert at the IDS 2015.
Thank you for five wonderful IDS days, and hope to see you again in two years!

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