We started our Fans of lay:art competition on December 1st and asked for your creative ideas. We were looking for creative images and videos in that showed our lay:art mixing trays and brushes in unusual and spectacular situations. The prizes were a GoPro Hero4 Actionkamera & 2 iPad Minis.

We are so excited about all of the fantastic Images and Videos that were sent to us via email and social networks during the past weeks. lay:art flying high in the sky, lay:art in an Aquarium, lay:art used by the ancient egyptians. Thank you so much for your ideas and hard work!!

Take a moment and have a look at the submissions:


Our competition ended on January 15th and a Renfert Jury had the tough Task of selecting 3 winners from all the excellent contributions.  After two rounds of voting and many coffees the winners were determined.

We are proud to announce the winners here in our Blog:

1st Place: Kai Rachel (Germany)
With his Video “If the Egyptians had lay:art” he got it just right. We look Forward to getting more Videos from Kai, filmed with his new GoPro camera.

2nd Place: Max Zuppardi (Australia)
You take a wonderful daughter, a lay:art mixing tray & brush and some face paint – what a great idea. Max Zuppardi convinced our jury with his idea, the creative film and his charming little daughter Greta, he can now enjoy his new iPad Mini.

3rd Place: Obaida AL-kilani (Saudi Arabia)
Speed in Performance – With his Picture Obaida hit the nail on the head, thats what the lay:art series is all about. The iPad Mini is well deserved.:)

Winner of the 3rd prize

Obaida AL-kilani | Winner of the 3rd prize

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